2018 Honduras Mission Trip – Day 3


On Tuesday we spent the day in a remote coffee-growing community called Lomas del Águila. In addition to seeing more than 130 residents, we also were able to train the local health committee in suturing wounds. The committee practiced by suturing the peel back on a banana. The banana is expected to make a full recovery! 😊

Lomas del Águila is a great example of a community that is working hard to create a sustainable heath care system in their small community. It was a pleasure to partner with this motivated community.

Wednesday we will return to our partner community, El Olvido. After offering a clinic for the community, we will go to the health center responsible for caring for the residents of El Olvido and meet with its director, Dra. Keila. She will show us her clinic and share with us about her priorities for health in the area. She is a dynamic young physician with a deep passion for caring for these people.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support!
Pastor Kyle