August 10, 2023



Most Awkward Sermon Ever

A mantra I often live by is “the hardest way is the best way.” It is uncomfortable, but that’s the place where you can find the most growth. I suppose that’s why I chose Leviticus in general…and this week it is now time for the most difficult part.

We’ll read Leviticus 12 and reflect on why Leviticus (and other ancient near east cultures) considered a woman unclean after childbirth or during her monthly period. As 21st century readers, this text forces us to wrestle with apparent misogyny in the Scriptures. We’ll explore Jesus’s response to this topic and how the church interprets and applies this text today. I promise not to make it awkward but as relevant and applicable as ever.

On a side note, it’s almost school time! My kids start school next Thursday (8/18) and I’m so excited for the new “year” coming our way. Soon we’ll see those buses rolling around town again!