Accidental Saints

Sermon Series

In this three-week sermon series called “Accidental Saints”, we’re going to look at the lives of three people from the Bible – Jacob, a woman blessed by the prophet Elijah, and the Apostle Paul.  But “Accidental Saints” is a deceiving title.

First, we always misunderstand the word “saint” to mean an especially devout, holy person.  But that’s not what the word means – because the Bible calls you and me “saints”.  A “saint” is someone whom God has called and set apart for His service – as all Christians are.

Second, these three people are not saints “accidentally” – there’s nothing accidental about God calling them to Himself and using them for His work.  They’re only “accidental saints” in the sense of “surprising”, “unusual” – which is the way God always seems to work.

Listen to the Sermons

  • Jacob

    Scripture(s): Genesis 27-28
    Speaker: Pastor John Hart

  • The Widow

    Scripture(s): 2 Kings 4:1-7
    Speaker: Pastor Becky Hart