April 1 Inspiration


Our Seasonal Choir was preparing to sing Shawna Edwards’ song, “Risen” for this Palm Sunday.

This beautiful song has powerfully moving lyrics, which give us hope and the knowledge that no matter what we are facing, God is in control and we can have peace even when it’s so difficult.

Until the Liberty Choir has an opportunity to sing it, I encourage you to watch the video (below) of this song featuring Kristen Bodine Scott, Hallie Cahoon, and members of the One Voice Children’s Choir.

“But when the third day came, the darkness turned to light

For Mary heard her name and saw the living Christ…  

And in that barren place the world forever changed

For hope was born when Jesus rose that day…

To bind up every broken heart

To conquer death and sin.

Risen to bring us home again.”