April 11, 2019

Dear Friends:
Lent is a time of following Jesus ever more closely. It is a time of both giving up some of the things of this world and adding on the things of God. English missionary William Ward refers to this as Fasting and Feasting. I have adapted his work in the prayer below:

O Lord, in this Lenten season we pray to both
Fast and to feast…
We pray Lord, to
Fast from complaining, Feast on gratitude.
Fast from judgment, Feast on compassion
Fast from greed, Feast on sharing
Fast from fear, Feast on peace
Fast from lies, Feast on truth
Fast from apathy, Feast on engagement
Fast from discontent, Feast on thankfulness
Fast from noise, Feast on quiet
Fast from discouragement, Feast on hope
And above all, to:
Fast from hatred, Feast on love

May this be our prayer.

Journeying through Lent with you,