April 18, 2019

Dear Friends:
The damage to Notre Dame Cathedral has filled our news – and our hearts – this week. It is such a vital symbol of France and of faith – with its flying buttresses, stained glass rose windows and ancient relics (including a crown of thorns). It was heartbreaking to watch its towering spire and roof collapse in Monday’s fire. Watching the crowds sing hymns as the firefighters and human chains rescued parts of this living landmark brought tears to the eyes.

One of the facts about the cathedral that I was reminded of by the news was that all roads in Paris are measured from Notre Dame. It is the literal heart of the city. This Holy Week we are reminded that everything we do is measured from the cross and empty tomb. These are the heart of our faith. Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins on the cross, and His resurrection are the center from which we live out our daily lives.

Please join us as we journey through this Holy Week with you,
Easter Blessings,