April 25, 2019

Dear Friends:
Because the tomb is empty, our hearts are full!  What a wonderful Easter celebration! Many thanks to everyone who made Sunday possible.

We have a wonderful new addition to our Liberty landscape – a prayer labyrinth.  Located by the entrance to the Pathway to the Son, the prayer labyrinth is given in memory of Brian and Megan Casey, who entered God’s arms on December 29, 2016. This prayer walk is a wonderful way to remember these beloved Liberty friends, whose own faith journey inspired this walk.

Labyrinths have a long history, both inside and outside the church. Becoming popular in the Middle Ages, the labyrinth was a common form of pilgrimage when a believer could not undertake a long journey. Chartres Cathedral in France has perhaps the most famous labyrinth in use today.

There’s no one right way to walk the labyrinth, but the intent is to slowly walk its curving path, offering up prayers for yourself and for others. The path of a labyrinth leads you into the center and our God, and then back out into the world.

If the spiritual practice of walking a labyrinth is new for you, former Parish Visitor Linda Burnworth can help you get started (or help you navigate this sacred pathway).  You can email Linda to arrange a time to meet at the labyrinth. I’ve also put together brochures to help orient you to this new experience. These will be available starting Wednesday, May 1, in the Church Office.

May all the blessings of our resurrected and reigning Lord be yours,

P.S. Many thanks to Tom Wood and Wood Landscaping who assembled and installed our Prayer Labyrinth, and landscaped the surrounding area.