August 4 Inspiration

From Linda Burnworth, Stephen Ministry Leadership Team

Over the past four months, dozens of daily inspirations have appeared on Liberty’s website. They were written by our pastors, staff members, Elders, and Stephen Ministers.

I have enjoyed reading, watching or listening to each one. It has been a blessing to have a daily dose of inspiration to soften the edges of vulnerability, uncertainty, loneliness and grief. This prolonged season of social isolation has tested our faith.

As I reflected on the submissions, I was struck by the insight that they are as varied as their authors. Still, some trends emerged. The most common theme was the sharing of timeless scriptures and the reminder to ground ourselves in the Bible.

To help us stay connected while apart, we learned the history and meaning around the Signs of Liberty – the cross, lion, bell, angel, and lamb. We also reviewed the Fruit of the Spirit. Many pursued various Psalms, Parables, bible studies, and racial resources.

DeAnne Miller shared crafts, faith-based coloring pages, and humorous memes. Pastor John tickled our funny bone on more than one occasion. Who remembers the name of John’s favorite cookie and the family labrador?

Pastor Becky counselled us to check our spiritual temperatures and walk the labyrinth. Several Brothers and Sisters in Christ shared that they find birdsong and time in nature to be very calming. Liberty gardeners like Tracey Scott spend hours on their knees, weeding and praying.

And pray we did, as individuals and as a church family! We prayed for members, staff and volunteers, loved ones. We prayed for healthcare workers, first responders and frontline personnel. We prayed for the sick, the elderly, the isolated and the hungry. We prayed for students, teachers, home-schooling parents and grandparents, and for virtual graduates. And we continue to pray for justice, mercy, grace, and peace!

Several folks shared the lyrics of favorite hymns and contemporary Christian songs. Kathleen Peterson blessed us with one of her original compositions. Music is indeed a universal language.

Others referenced quotes that resonated with them. The sources were authors, theologians, poets, and philosophers. Among these sage souls were Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, C.S. Lewis, Anne Lamott, and Robert Frost.

The daily inspirations tab on our website is a treasure trove. There is truly something for everyone. It is free and can be accessed at your convenience on any device. Please share this resource with folks you know who need a boost and return often to fill up your own cup!

With a grateful heart,