Dear Liberty Family:

We want to thank you so much for the wonderful (wonder-filled) farewell. Such a beautiful painting of Liberty, such a generous financial gift – and, of course, the Buckeyes! And the farewell car parade! We were gratified to see so many of you there – and so touched by the opportunity to say goodbye not only virtually but in person.

Liberty has been a joy to serve, and we feel so blessed to join the long line of Pastors who have shared in the mission and ministry of this great church. What a privilege.

As we head off to North Carolina, we carry you with us in our hearts.

All Blessings,
Becky & John

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Farewell to the Harts

We invite you to join us in two ways of saying farewell to the Harts as they retire:

  1. Watch worship online on August 23rd.

    During the service, John and Becky will be presented with gifts from the congregation and Session, and a speaker will express our appreciation for the past 14 years.

  2. Following the service on August 23rd from 11:30 a.m. until 1:00 p.m., we will be having a drive-thru farewell.

    Cars will enter at the lower level of the church parking lot and drive up to the upper level, where John and Becky will be outside to say goodbye. We are encouraging people to decorate their cars and to have signs of well wishes.  There will be a basket for cards for those who would like to leave a written goodbye. Please wear masks!


Please abide by the following Liberty safety protocols:

  • Take your temperature to ensure no fever before coming to Liberty’s campus.
  • Wear a mask at all times on the campus, both inside and outside.
  • Maintain social distancing (minimum of 6 ft. apart) at all times on campus, including in the parking areas.
  • Bring your own hand sanitizer and as possible use the bathroom facilities in your own home prior to attending a gathering at Liberty.
  • Do not attend if you have a temperature or a cough, have been ill in the last two weeks, or have traveled out of the country or to a “hot spot” in the last two weeks.

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