2018 Honduras Mission Trip – Day 5


Thursday, we partnered with a church in the town of San Isidro to offer a clinic to the community. Normally, this community is well cared for by a government-run health center, but with the retirement of its director and chief nurse in January, the clinic has closed because the agency responsible for appointing a replacement has failed to do so. The residents saw our clinic as a sign that God has not forgotten about them, even if the health department has.

We finished our day with a traditional Honduran feast of fried whole tilapia and plantains to celebrate the work God has done through us this week. It’s an incredible privilege to be in the front row as God’s haling work is done right in front of our eyes.

Friday, we return to the United States. Please join me in praying for headache free travel as we navigate spring storms.

Thank you for all your prayers and support. They have made all the difference!
Pastor Kyle

2018 Honduras Mission Trip – Day 4


Wednesday, we returned to our partner community, El Olvido, to provide a clinic for the residents there. We were joined by Doña Gloria, a retired nurse from a nearby community. It was a great time to connect with our friends within the community, and it also gave us a chance to get to know Pastor Noe and his wife Keila a bit better. I am excited to see our partnership continue with these new church leaders.

Later, we went to the health center in Las Flores. This health center serves the region that includes El Olvido, so it was helpful to see where the people of El Olvido receive day-to-day medical care. We met with clinic’s director, Dra. Keila Yuja, who shared about some basic health care statistics in the region and her priorities for health care in the area. She is a dedicated and passionate physician who cares deeply for the people she serves.

On Thursday, we will offer a clinic in the town of San Isidro. It’s a larger community that has been without a functioning health center for a number of months, so we are happy to help fill a gap until the government provides a new clinic staff.

Thanks for your prayers and support.
Pastor Kyle


2018 Honduras Mission Trip – Day 3


On Tuesday we spent the day in a remote coffee-growing community called Lomas del Águila. In addition to seeing more than 130 residents, we also were able to train the local health committee in suturing wounds. The committee practiced by suturing the peel back on a banana. The banana is expected to make a full recovery! 😊

Lomas del Águila is a great example of a community that is working hard to create a sustainable heath care system in their small community. It was a pleasure to partner with this motivated community.

Wednesday we will return to our partner community, El Olvido. After offering a clinic for the community, we will go to the health center responsible for caring for the residents of El Olvido and meet with its director, Dra. Keila. She will show us her clinic and share with us about her priorities for health in the area. She is a dynamic young physician with a deep passion for caring for these people.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support!
Pastor Kyle


2018 Honduras Mission Trip – Day 2


Today we spent the day reconnecting with our partner community, El Olvido. We went to the home of Marcelina, a local matriarch, and met her 5-day-old great-granddaughter. Baby and mother are both doing well. Later, we went to the home of Jenny and her family. We spent time enjoying her beautiful garden as she explained the various fruits and vegetables she grows for her family.

After lunch, we met with the new community leaders. The past few months have brought some changes in church and community leadership, so we spent a lot of time discussing their vision for El Olvido and exploring how Liberty can continue to partner with them in their development. We had the chance to meet the church’s new pastor, Noe, and his wife, Kayla, and their three children. We will return to El Olvido on Wednesday to provide a clinic for the residents.

Tomorrow we return to a very remote coffee-growing village called Lomas Del Águila to teach their health committee how to suture wounds and to provide a clinic.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.
Pastor Kyle


2018 Honduras Mission Trip – Day 1


All 16 team members, and more than a half-ton of supplies, made it to Honduras in one piece today. After wading through passport control and collecting our bags, our team enjoyed a lunch at local favorite Power Chicken. We then continued on to our home base in Santa Elena, near the city of Santa Cruz de Yojoa.

Tomorrow, we will spend time building friendships with members of our partner community, El Olvido. We will meet with the new pastor, Noe, and together we will tour the community, visiting residents, learning about each other’s lives, and praying for each other. Later, we will hear from two members of Heart To Honduras’s Community Development staff, and we will meet with some new community leaders.

Thank you for your prayers and support!
Pastor Kyle

Photo: Our team before boarding in Atlanta