God is Changing Lives at Liberty

Member: On my Emmaus Walk weekend, I finally understood that God doesn’t just love all of us, but that He loves me

Member: “At Liberty, I’ve discovered a sense of belonging that I never found in previous churches.”

Church School Teacher: “I have listened to so many children say amazing prayers to bless the snack. The kids blow me away with long and wonderful prayers — we often have to do more than one prayer because the kids are just so excited to pray! Liberty is clearly doing something right with our children.”

Long-Time Member: “I am experiencing a whole new chapter of my life, and there’s no other explanation than God.”

Child of a new member on her first visit to Liberty: “It’s so worshipful here.”

Liberty’s Pickle Jar helped pay the funeral costs for a man who died of cancer and whose family didn’t have the money for a funeral service or cremation.