God is Changing Lives at Liberty

Visitor: “This past Sunday I visited Liberty.  I loved every moment of it!  I felt renewed, strengthened, and filled with life again.  I don’t think I realized how tired I have been physically, emotionally and spiritually.  But being a part of your service was pure life to me.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you!” (A visitor)

After a Children’s Moment, a little boy ran back to his seat and, with the most excited voice, said “Daddy, Jesus love is so wonderful that I can’t get over it, under it or around it. Isn’t that amazing?”

After the Middle School youth group participated in a “prayer stations” exercise during Holy Week, one student remarked: “This is the closest to God that I have felt in my entire life.”

Member: “Even though Liberty is such a big church, the way I have been cared for makes it feel like a small church.”

Member: “I’m so happy and proud to be a part of such a loving church community and ministry.  The body of Christ is on fire at Liberty!”

Member: “This place has truly opened my eyes to God.”