God is Changing Lives at Liberty

Member: “I wanted to let all involved to know how much it has meant to have contact with John & Becky and everyone who works hard to make the videos, daily devotions, and prayers at my fingertips. I do so miss being at and praising God in our Barn and pray that that too will return at some point sooner than later. This makes me even more proud to be a part of Liberty. We are doing fine at this time and pray that continues. I pray for you daily and that God Blesses the USA.”
Member: “This church renews my spirit. It’s a place for the entire family.”

Member: “I just want to say how much Liberty has changed our lives. My husband and I both have grown up in the church, but with almost every class, study and sermon at Liberty we find ourselves learning something new and challenging for our faith journey. I love that Liberty continues to teach me things and help me grow in my faith. I am so blessed to have found this church.”

Child of a new member on her first visit: “It’s so worshipful here.”

Member: “I’m so happy and proud to be a part of such a loving church community and ministry. The body of Christ is on fire at Liberty!”

A member of the Community Council in El Olvido, Honduras: “Even though I am not a part of the church in El Olvido, when you come to visit me, I know you care about me. You are like family to me.”

First-time visitor: “It felt amazingly comfortable to worship with all of you. I’ve been on a journey searching for a church home. I yearn to hear sermons that remind me of God’s constant love and presence that never leaves me.”