Deep & Wide: Ephesians

Sermon Series

Join us as we begin our winter sermon series exploring the Book of Ephesians.

It is hard to imagine a part of Scripture more relevant than the Letter to the Ephesians. Throughout its beautiful language, this letter is clear about three things: ravaged by evil, sin, and brokenness, our world is not the way it is supposed to be; God rules over every speck of creation, and in Jesus Christ, God has acted decisively to make all things right; and, as the Church—Christ’s body on Earth—we have work to do. This is a letter that tells us who we are, calls us to lean into the calling we all received when we first believed in Christ.  

As we begin this series, and with a letter as relevant as this one, we encourage you to dive deeply into Ephesians with us. Read the letter in its entirety—ideally more than once. Savor its soaring language, take comfort in its promises, and be challenged and encouraged by its call to live as Christians in the world. Consider joining the Tuesday Evening Pastors’ Bible Study and learn even more about how these ancient words continue to give life and hope.   

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