The Presbyterian Church (USA) is a Reformed Christian denomination which draws its name from the Greek word for Elder (presbyteros).

Presbyterian congregations are governed by Sessions, which are made up of elected elders and the ministers of the particular church. Liberty’s Elders prayerfully exercise leadership and government for the life of our church, working together to bring vital worship, learning, fellowship, and service to every Liberty member.

Term Ends Dec. 2024

Doug Benoit 
Sharon Casey 
Tess Ellis 
Lisa Haase 
Chad Price 
Stephen Sobers 
Jerry Yocum 

Term Ends Dec. 2025

Abby Sutton-Burger
Tammie Hansen
Kim Hiltz
Art Lauer
Lou Ritzman
Helen Sobers

Term Ends Dec. 2026

Anne Johnson
Rodd Lawrence
Scott Martin
Todd Moore
Nicole Taylor