Giving at Liberty

The General Fund supports the full range of the church’s ministry and mission, in Columbus and around the world. It also supports our local congregation — caring for the sick and dying, supporting children and families, challenging youth with the gospel, providing for corporate worship, and training and equipping us for Christian discipleship. Our entire budget comes from the generous giving of members and friends of Liberty.

As those who have experienced the grace of God, we believe that these blessings are a gift from our generous God. We invite you to participate financially by investing in God’s work in and through Liberty Church. Our church is blessed by the dedicated financial leadership of our officers and other leaders.

The Session works hard at being a good steward of your contributions (through establishing appropriate controls and providing financial transparency).

Did You Know:
10% of every offering dollar
goes directly to mission causes supported by Liberty Church.


The Session wants to thank the Liberty family for continuing to support the church during this strange and difficult time!

We realize that for some of you, your job or paycheck is at risk during this crisis. In addition, all of us have seen our investments take a serious hit. You need to know that Liberty understands the financial situation we are suddenly in, and we encourage you to make wise financial decisions for yourself and your family, as well as making wise health decisions.

At its March 2020 meeting, the Session instituted a “non-essential spending freeze” in order to control costs. In addition, the Session has since identified some $35,000 in budgeted expenses to cut – as well as $46,000 in property projects to defer – so that we can be good stewards at this time.

But a special thanks goes out for your continued faithfulness in supporting God’s work through Liberty. You can send in your offerings by mail, or you can  give online by clicking on the blue or green buttons below or choose from the main menu on the upper-left of this page.

We really do believe that “God’s got the whole world in His hands” — including Liberty’s finances.

We encourage you to make wise and faithful stewardship decisions during this challenging time.