It’s the season to RENEW at Liberty!

  • At all times, we are called to renew our spiritual commitment to God as disciples of Jesus Christ.
  • At all times, God’s Spirit is renewing this church He loves so much.
  • At all times, God calls us to renew our commitment to His mission in our church, in Delaware County and throughout the world.

God has been so faithful to Liberty throughout our 207-year history.  And God is very much at work at Liberty right now.  He is calling us to follow Him into Liberty’s exciting future:

  • proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ near & far
  • sharing Christ’s love tangibly, in mission and service
  • investing in the gift of our children and youth
  • embracing the ever-growing population in southern Delaware County.

God is leading us to do all these things – and more – with the commitment, excellence and generosity that has always characterized Liberty.

RENEW is an opportunity for you to renew your commitment to God’s work in and through Liberty Church.
  • RENEW is a stewardship campaign.  Unlike in the past, we are asking you to make a two-year pledge to support Liberty’s operating fund for both 2018 and 2019.
  • But RENEW is more than a stewardship campaign.  In addition to supporting the 2018-2019 Operating Fund, your two-year financial commitment will include supporting the completion of $1.9 million in much-needed capital improvements, including re-siding the Barn.  In addition to improving our campus, 10% of funds raised for capital projects will directly support two local missions, over and above our regular 10% commitment to missions.
  • But RENEW is more than a stewardship campaign combined with a capital campaign.  RENEW is a spiritual campaign: more than raising fund levels, RENEW aims to raise our faith levels; more than asking us to stretch financially, RENEW intends us to cultivate a generous lifestyle within us; more than renovating our campus, RENEW seeks to renew our commitment to God.

In the last book of the New Testament, God says, “Look, I am making all things new!” (Revelation 21:5).  The pastors and the Session invite you to join this season of renewal at Liberty, committing yourself to:

  • Renew our faith
  • Renew our church
  • Renew our mission

Please join us on the RENEW adventure!

Pledging is easy.  You can download a 2018-2019 pledge card here. Please return the pledge card to the Church Office, addressed to Dana Meeker, our Financial Administrator, your pledge will be recorded and acknowledged. Or you can pledge online by clicking here, or you can send a confidential email to [email protected].  Whichever you choose, your pledge remains confidential.

We thank you again for your pledge and support for Liberty.

Philosophy of Stewardship

  • We believe that we worship God in all that we do, including the way we handle our money.
  • We believe that God has been amazingly generous to us — when we are generous with our money, we are swimming right in the middle of the stream of God’s grace.
  • We believe in “carrying our blessings lightly”, that God blesses us so that we can bless others through our giving.
  • We believe in giving proportionately, with the goal of giving 10% to gospel-supporting causes.
  • We believe that supporting Liberty Church financially is a sound investment, because “lives are being changed at Liberty”.
  • We believe that we cannot out-give God.
  • We believe the fundamental shape of the Christian life is thankfulness.
  • We believe “it is more blessed to give than to receive”.
  • We believe our largest annual contribution should be to our local church.
  • We believe in “disciplined generosity”, that our giving should be determined prayerfully, purposefully and in advance.
  • We are challenged by how often Jesus pointed to financial stewardship as a measure of our spiritual commitment.
  • It is a joyful challenge for our giving to keep pace with the work of God’s Spirit in and through Liberty Church.
  • The Session is committed to financial transparency, specifically through making available to all members a monthly summary of income and expenditures.

Recent Stewardship Sermons


Not many people can say that they spent their first year of marriage away from their spouse. Indeed, I spent that first year in Iraq leading a platoon of soldiers in the War on Terror. It was a long year of ups and downs. But there was one constant:  We never left a position of safety on a mission without a prayer to God to watch over and protect us from harm. Nevertheless, I’m embarrassed to admit that at that time in my life my relationship with God was shallow.   I was selfish — turning to God in prayer only to serve my needs and my desires. God answered every one of my prayers that year and I vowed to be a better Christian…

In 2009, my expecting wife and I were in search of a church to grow our faith and raise our children to know God.  We joined my mother and grandmother for service one Sunday and we fell in love with Liberty. We loved the Barn, the come-as-you-are attitude, the vibrant children’s ministry, and, of course, the music. We had found our spiritual home. We made the easy decision to join as members and with the birth of our son Cooper, we joined the select club of four-generation families here at Liberty. I have since solidified my spot in the club with three more kids – each one of them baptized right here on this stage.  There is nothing quite like watching your babies discover God. I can’t count how many times they have told me that their God is so big, so strong, and so mighty. Thanks, John.

My faith has blossomed because of this church. Today, I am much closer to having a complete relationship with God. We are truly blessed to have an amazing place where we can worship and celebrate Jesus Christ with our friends and family.  Now, is the time for us to give thanks and give back by supporting the RENEW campaign.

As parents, we have a responsibility to provide for our children. Our home is one way that we provide – a shelter from the elements, a place of safety and love. My wife and I view Liberty as an extension of our home – our spiritual home where we can turn to God for shelter, safety, and love. For that reason, the choice to increase our financial commitment to the Church is an easy one for the Hensel family.

Friends: together – through the RENEW campaign – we have an opportunity to renew our church, renew our faith, and renew ourselves.  Personally, I am especially excited about the youth room renovation – a needed investment to ensure that our young adults have a quality space for fellowship. Please prayerfully consider your level of support and join my family on commitment Sunday when we come forward with our pledge card.

Thank you very much for your time.

A.J. Hensel