It’s the season to RENEW at Liberty!

  • At all times, we are called to renew our spiritual commitment to God as disciples of Jesus Christ.
  • At all times, God’s Spirit is renewing this church He loves so much.
  • At all times, God calls us to renew our commitment to His mission in our church, in Delaware County and throughout the world.

God has been so faithful to Liberty throughout our 207-year history.  And God is very much at work at Liberty right now.  He is calling us to follow Him into Liberty’s exciting future:

  • proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ near & far
  • sharing Christ’s love tangibly, in mission and service
  • investing in the gift of our children and youth
  • embracing the ever-growing population in southern Delaware County.

God is leading us to do all these things – and more – with the commitment, excellence and generosity that has always characterized Liberty.

RENEW is an opportunity for you to renew your commitment to God’s work in and through Liberty Church.
  • RENEW is a stewardship campaign.  Unlike in the past, we are asking you to make a two-year pledge to support Liberty’s operating fund for both 2018 and 2019.
  • But RENEW is more than a stewardship campaign.  In addition to supporting the 2018-2019 Operating Fund, your two-year financial commitment will include supporting the completion of $1.9 million in much-needed capital improvements, including re-siding the Barn.  In addition to improving our campus, 10% of funds raised for capital projects will directly support two local missions, over and above our regular 10% commitment to missions.
  • But RENEW is more than a stewardship campaign combined with a capital campaign.  RENEW is a spiritual campaign: more than raising fund levels, RENEW aims to raise our faith levels; more than asking us to stretch financially, RENEW intends us to cultivate a generous lifestyle within us; more than renovating our campus, RENEW seeks to renew our commitment to God.

In the last book of the New Testament, God says, “Look, I am making all things new!” (Revelation 21:5).  The pastors and the Session invite you to join this season of renewal at Liberty, committing yourself to:

  • Renew our faith
  • Renew our church
  • Renew our mission

Please join us on the RENEW adventure!

Pledging is easy.  You can download a 2018-2019 pledge card here. Please return the pledge card to the Church Office, addressed to Dana Meeker, our Financial Administrator, your pledge will be recorded and acknowledged. Or you can pledge online by clicking here, or you can send a confidential email to [email protected].  Whichever you choose, your pledge remains confidential.

We thank you again for your pledge and support for Liberty.

Philosophy of Stewardship

  • We believe that we worship God in all that we do, including the way we handle our money.
  • We believe that God has been amazingly generous to us — when we are generous with our money, we are swimming right in the middle of the stream of God’s grace.
  • We believe in “carrying our blessings lightly”, that God blesses us so that we can bless others through our giving.
  • We believe in giving proportionately, with the goal of giving 10% to gospel-supporting causes.
  • We believe that supporting Liberty Church financially is a sound investment, because “lives are being changed at Liberty”.
  • We believe that we cannot out-give God.
  • We believe the fundamental shape of the Christian life is thankfulness.
  • We believe “it is more blessed to give than to receive”.
  • We believe our largest annual contribution should be to our local church.
  • We believe in “disciplined generosity”, that our giving should be determined prayerfully, purposefully and in advance.
  • We are challenged by how often Jesus pointed to financial stewardship as a measure of our spiritual commitment.
  • It is a joyful challenge for our giving to keep pace with the work of God’s Spirit in and through Liberty Church.
  • The Session is committed to financial transparency, specifically through making available to all members a monthly summary of income and expenditures.

Recent Stewardship Sermons


As director of the RENEW team, I want to share why I believe RENEW is an exciting opportunity to participate in something that will have an impactful effect on many people’s lives, and why my wife Beth and I enthusiastically support this campaign.

  • All of us Liberty’s special and unique church home – our beautiful sanctuary to worship in and wonderful historic buildings and grounds on our campus?
  • Many of us are involved in one of the learning opportunities we have here at Liberty.  Our Adult Discipleship, Bible studies, and various mission opportunities provide all of us with plenty of opportunities to be better disciples of Christ.
  • Many of us have children involved in our Youth Program or our Sunday School.  Liberty has a tremendous Christian Education program, and it personally has been a blessing for me to see my daughter Emily go from Sunday school student to our fabulous Youth Program that is teaching her and all our children to love God and to follow Him at a young age.
  • Many of us have joined Liberty in the past ten years. Liberty is a growing congregation.  As an elder who chaired the membership committee, it has been a joy to not only hear our new members share their faith journeys, but also to watch them become more involved in our wonderful church.

We are truly blessed, all of us, to be part of a very close knit church family, and to have  this wonderful building and all these facilities as our church home.  However, like each of our homes and our families, there are times when we need to step up and address home and family issues.

Pastor John contacted me in September 2016 to ask if I would be a part of the leadership team that would plan how Liberty could address some growing issues and concerns with our church home.  The Property Committee had been compiling a list of needed repairs and improvements around our property that could no longer be ignored, especially if we wanted to preserve and maintain our church home and adapt to our growing church family’s needs.  Without hesitation, I said “YES”, so that I could help identify a solution to this problem, as generations of Liberty members have done before me to help maintain this wonderful church along the Olentangy River for my family, and for all of you.  Their commitment of time, talents, and most treasures over the past 200 plus years allow all of us to enjoy our beautiful church home today.

Liberty has given me so much over the years, so much joy, helped me grow my faith deeper than I ever imagined, been there to comfort me in sorrowful times, help me develop new friendships and fellowship with other Christians who are growing their faith at Liberty.  Every time I have stepped up to take on a leadership role, or stepped up our financial support, God has rewarded me in ways I never imagined.

Beth and I have prayerfully considered not only how we would respond to RENEW, but also how would we challenge ourselves to renew our generosity.  After many prayers and much conversation, we have decided to double our financial commitment to Liberty in 2018-2019.  In addition, we have decided to go another rung up on the Generosity Ladder by donating a savings bond we inherited that we hadn’t yet decided how we would invest it.  We couldn’t think of a better investment than our church home.

We all worry about paying our bills, making sure we’re saving for our future, and maintaining our largest asset, our homes.  As we developed the RENEW campaign, I realized that this is what RENEW is all about; making sure we’re paying our bills, saving for our future, maintaining our church home, and in the process taking care of our church family.  RENEW simply means we are paying forward for the needed repairs and improvements for our church home, so that Liberty will continue to be a gathering place for future generations, as well as to make room for our ever-growing family to have the space to continue to serve our God and our community.

I ask each of you to think about how you can challenge yourself and your generosity the next two years.  We ask that you consider all the benefits you receive from your church home and what more can you do to ensure that you, your children, your grandchildren, and future generations can continue to come to “The Barn” to worship God and grow their faith, as individuals and families have been doing right here for over 200 years.  In sum, I invite you to join us and Renew our Church, Renew your Faith, and Renew Yourselves.

Please continue to pray for the success of RENEW!

Kevin Futryk, RENEW director