January 9, 2020

“My steps have held fast to your paths….” ~Psalm 17:5

Dear Friends:


I hope that you are full of resolutions – however modest – and surviving the cold. I woke up on Sunday to a fleecy layer of snow covering the ground as far as the eye could see. That fresh dusting of snow reminded me that this new year is truly new – stretched out endlessly before us.

By the time we returned from worship, several pets and children had left happy tracks in the snow. What are the tracks you hope to leave this year? What footprint do you want to leave for others to follow? Paul in Ephesians 5:8 asks us – almost begs us – to walk as children of light. That’s seems like a pretty good New Year’s resolution to me. I would also add for me patience, more time in the Word, more time in service to those in need, and in the words of author Henry James whenever asked what is important in life: Kindness, kindness and kindness.

As a church, we’ve been leaving tracks in the snow for 210 years!

As we begin this new year at Liberty, I want us to keep in mind both where we have been and where God is calling us to forge a trail into the future. Do put March 22nd on your calendar. That’s the Sunday we will celebrate the Chapel’s 200th anniversary. In fact, we will be celebrating this anniversary all through the season of Lent.

Finally, I can’t begin this new year without saying thanks for this past year. In particular, John and I want to express our great gratitude for your faithfulness to the RENEW campaign. Just like our homes, this campus needs renewal and restoration, and you have made that possible, from the Barn to the Youth Room to the current work on what will be known as Fearing Hall. You responded to God’s great faithfulness to Liberty with your own response of faithfulness.

Your gifts have made all the difference.

So, with gratitude in our hearts, let us leave tracks of faith and love all over this new year!

All Blessings!