July 21 Inspiration

From the Desk of Vickie Doyle, Parish Visitor

“My living Father, each time I encounter you in a fresh new way I feel as though I’m rediscovering a part of myself that was lost or dead.”
~Saint Augustine

One of the bright spots of being at home the past few months is that I have been able to appreciate the little things. I am more in tune with what is going on around me. I have time to watch a hummingbird at our feeder and enjoy flowers blooming. This summer is reminding me of the summers of my childhood.

Growing up in the south, it was hot and no air conditioning. I remember how much I loved the cool mornings with a summer breeze. I now see that living on a farm was a blessing with few summer activities that took us away from home. We sort of had our own stay-at-home order. Crops, gardens, animals, and long stretches of having nothing to do but sit in a porch swing and read have enriched my life.

This current summer is reminding me of such times. Instead of lamenting not being able to travel or visit with others, I am rediscovering some jewels of summer. All of nature seems to be busy in a kind of relaxed motion. Summer will quickly end, so take moments to allow yourself to delight in this season.

  • Find a place to rest: an easy chair, a garden bench, a walk in a park, and welcome the beauty of summer.
  • Enjoy the colors and smells of roses as they open.
  • Really taste fresh corn and tomatoes.

Summer is a good time to embrace faith and possibilities.


Thank you, Lord, for the many joys of summer and for inviting me to revisit my memories and begin to hope for autumn and new discoveries. Amen.