July 23 Inspiration

From the Desk of Elder Melinda Wood


Dear Liberty Family:

As one of the committee members responsible for planning the “farewell event” for the Harts’ retirement, I have been having a difficult time because I wanted to have a PARTY!! for the Harts before they left. It took my 29-year-old son to set me straight.

Many of you know that my oldest son is getting married in May of 2021. While I was talking with him about his plans, I mentioned that he might want to think about possible changes that would have to be made if we are still struggling with COVID.  His response?  “Mom, we are getting married no matter what. We may have 20 or 200 guests. We are ready to commit to each other and see no reason why anything should stand in our way”. My son was saying that the “why” we are getting married is more important than “how” we celebrate.

Many of our Liberty members lives have been touched by the Harts over the past 14 years. The Harts have helped us grow in our faith, planted seeds of hope and love in our lives, and truly made a difference. Becky’s prayers are powerful and healing. Along with John’s awesome Cardinal stories, with his incredible financial abilities, has led Liberty into a solid future where our children and grandchildren will have a place of worship. Many of you have already sent in your cards of tearful goodbyes and words of friendship and encouragement. These caring words cannot be compared to a full-blown party. They are thoughtful, meaningful, and touching—something that a room full of 200 people cannot convey.

Will there be a final farewell to the Harts on August 23rd? Of course! Time will tell whether we have a larger gathering under the pavilion or a more intimate “goodbye” at their last church service, whether it be online or in-person. We will, of course, keep you updated as to the “HOW” we are going to say farewell.

As to the “WHY” — the Harts have shared their deep compassion, dedication, friendship and faithful service with us. Your prayers, cards and emails of thanks, and well wishes to our pastors are something they will never forget. The Harts have touched our lives as much as Liberty, and its members have touched theirs.

Melinda Wood,
Elder, Clerk of Session, “Farewell” committee member, and one of the lives that the Harts have deeply touched