July 25, 2019

Dear Friends:

It is wonderful to be back with you – and a special joy to be back for Vacation Bible School!  John & I are enjoying being secret S.N.O.W. agents, and Kyle is one great mad scientist trying to foil our mission.

There are 300 children on our campus, and over 100 teen and adults teaching, leading crafts, snacks, music, games and all kinds of special activities.  If you haven’t yet eaten “I Spy with my Little Eye Banana Cream Pie” – or played freeze tag with the chilly cubes or the frozen blizzards – well, you are missing out!

Our theme is evangelism – joyful, joyous sharing our faith.  If you are wondering how that fits in with secret agent skits, well, believe it or not, it works! So far, the children have helped us uncover clues that read “Spread News Over…” – so I think we are almost there!

These children’s excitement about learning about Peter and Paul’s adventures from the Book of Acts is contagious. Evangelism is a word that tends to give most of us the heebie-jeebies and conjures up images of televangelists threatening brimstone and fire.  At Liberty, our children are learning that it is a joy to share the good news in simple ways with those around you.

I want to thank everyone who is helping with VBS this year – especially our fearless leader Dawn Parr, music leader Angie Hurd, tech wizard Steve Banks and the amazing VBS committee: Emily St. John, Todd Beitelschees, Doug Benoit, Janet Bunnell, Casey Fuchs, Tina McClen, Christian McCloskey and Cheryl-Pieper Lima.  Every teacher I have spoken with has said, “I wouldn’t miss this for the world.”   Neither would we!

I look forward to joining you under the oaks this Sunday,

With Warm Summer Blessings,