Used by God

From the Desk of Dawn Parr, Children’s Ministry Director

Did you have childhood dreams?

I did. I wanted to by a gymnast after watching Olga Korbut take home three gold medals in the 1972 Olympics, (yes, I am showing my age).  I began taking classes and was pretty good, until around age 8, when I grew and was quickly a head taller than the rest of the girls.  Soon enough, the coach informed my mother I should not attend class anymore, because as he lovingly put it, I was ‘too tall and gangly’.  Then, at the ‘76 Olympics the amazing Olga, (4-foot, 11-inches) and newcomer Nadia Comaneci, (5-foot, 4-inches) took home all gold medals.  I understood I would never be a great gymnast and soon moved onto a new dream.  

As parents, it is our desire to help our children reach their dreams. I have first-hand experience with this in watching one child realize their dream while another’s was unattainable.  However, my vision for their dreams are crystal clear, because I know that I am not the designer of their dreams.

God has already planned it for my children—and for all who call Him our Father.  

As we begin the month of August, Sunday school will focus on God’s dreams for us. All of God’s children are wonderfully created. He gives us physical and spiritual gifts, and He desires for us to use these gifts to glorify Him.  Jeremiah 18 tell us that God is our Potter and we are the clay. He will shape us to use us for His purpose. We are given Special Gifts when we accept Jesus as our Savior, And, when the Body of Christ lives within us, our dreams become His dreams.  We desire to do His will and be used by God.  

As you watch your child grow in a certain interest or talent, seek God’s wisdom in shaping His will for them. Let Him be the Potter for your child. Seek out the Spiritual Gifts in them, and pray for the Body of Christ to move in your child’s dream so they desire to be part of His will.