July 7 Inspiration

From the Desk of Pastor Becky Hart

Dear Friends:

When John and I lived in England, we would sometimes take the tube to our destination. And whatever tube station we frequented, there would be a sign saying “Mind the gap.” Like this one!

Right now, we all need some extra grace to mind the gap between our normal lives and sheltering at home- especially those of you who are feeling alone, or who have the cries of bored children (small or large) filling your days!

And we need some extra grace for the gap between worshipping with one another, breaking bread together, and our virtual version of worship. The ideal and the real may feel distant, but thanks to technology, we can gather as a family of faith, no matter the miles.

Thank you for joining us on Sundays. And thank you for exploring our website with everything from daily inspiration to great children’s lessons to Bibles Study to weekly greetings from John & me (with a favorite verse). It is all there for you in this “gap time.”

May we mind the gap with prayer. And may we be able to look back and see the Lord ministering to us – even in the gap.