June 1 Inspiration

From the Desk of Pastor Kyle Doebler

Growing up in the South, I come from a culture where sitting on the deck and watching the world go by is more than a pastime, it’s an art form. I never really understood its appeal until quarantine forced me to spend more time at home. Where else was there to go? Given the alternatives, the patio seemed like a pretty good option.

While I expected just to pass the time, what I discovered was that my backyard is home to a zoo full of birds. A cardinal has taken up residence in a nearby maple tree. A blue jay, who seems quite kind for a blue jay, lives in a cypress tree.

I’ve gotten visits from gold finches and indigo buntings, and I have even heard the song of a wood thrush or two. Forced to slow down by disaster, my eyes and ears have been opened to a whole new world—rich with beauty and teeming with life. It’s a blessing that has been staring me in the face, yet I had been blind to it all this time. It got me thinking: how often is it the case that so many of God’s blessings come as I am freed from my own preoccupations, and therefore free to see God at work in the world in new and beautiful ways?

So, here’s a question to ponder this week: what blessings have your eyes and ears been opened to as a result of all this disruption in our lives? How is God freeing you to see all the ways that he is still active, alive, and at work in the world?

Grace & peace,

P.S. Next week, we’ll be starting “Ask Pastor Kyle”. Send in your questions, and each week Pastor Kyle will choose one to answer in a video. What questions do you want to see answered?