June 12 Inspiration

From the Desk of DeAnne Miller, Communication Coordinator

Crafting is my hobby. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever tried a craft that I didn’t enjoy. One project after another. That’s me.

Throughout my childhood, I spent many hours chatting, cooking, and crafting with all three of my grandmothers. As they each had different interests and skills, I had the chance to try lots of different activities. One grandmother was known for her coconut crème cakes, and she crocheted huge bedspreads for every member of the family. My maternal grandmother’s real passions were cooking and gardening, but she also sewed, cross-stitched, and created elaborate flower arrangements. My third grandmother loved to paint, construct dioramas, create homemade cards—and she had a cake decorating business she ran out of her house. She taught me how to make very intricate flowers out of icing before I was 10 years old. My mom worked full time while I was young, but I remember her winding down in the evenings and on the weekends with crafts, too. She’s the one who taught me—and her mother—to cross-stitch! I loved every one of those activities and the sense of accomplishment from creating something useful, and maybe even lovely.

Now as a grown-up, I spend my entire workday in a virtual world—staring at screens, creating images and managing digital files, updating the church website. That’s probably a big reason that I turn to a few analog crafts in my non-work hours. My favorite hobbies are quilting and miniature dioramas (both 1:12- and 1:6-inch scale). But, I have a variety that I truly enjoy, including other types of machine sewing, hand sewing (cross-stitch, embroidery), drawing/painting, scrapbooking, as well knitting & crochet. One project after another. That’s definitely me.

Another activity that I loved during my childhood and still enjoy as an adult is coloring. I’m so glad that coloring has had a resurgence over the past few years. As it was then, it still is soothing, fun, creative, and affordable.

As stated at ColoringFaith.com:

“Similar to meditation, adult coloring doesn’t ‘turn off’ your brain as much as it clears mental pathways. Dwelling on scripture or your favorite hymn while coloring offers a rare opportunity to not only read or listen to something encouraging; it offers a chance to dwell on, and experience, the information you’ve just taken in.”

So, for this daily inspiration, I decided to pull together some free faith-based coloring pages and put them all in one file to download.


All the sources are linked in the file, so you can find more if you want. Plus…I threw in a few images of Liberty! I hope you will find some time to dwell on and be encouraged by the pictures and bible verses included.