June 22 Inspiration

From the Desk of Pastor Kyle Doebler


 The protests in the wake of the killing of George Floyd countless others have caused many of us who are white to ask some profound questions. How did we get where we are? Why aren’t we farther along in the journey toward racial justice? Like so many things, it seems like it would be better if we could just talk about it. But, how do we do that well and in a way that brings healing instead of more division? 

 If these are the questions that are on your mind, CLICK HERE for a good place to begin.

Anxious to Talk about It is written by a Presbyterian Pastor and Professor Carolyn Helsel in an accessible and non-threatening way to help people begin to talk about these important issues. She provides practical tips on how to approach these difficult conversations, and reminds us that these conversations, while difficult, are holy ground. Even though—or maybe because—these conversation are difficult and can touch a raw nerve in us, they are the avenue by which God is at work in us.  

But this book is just the beginning of the journey. We have compiled a laundry list of resources that you can use to explore these issues. I encourage you to take just one step toward engaging with these important issues.