June 24 Inspiration

From Linda Burnworth, Stephen Leader


/ (ˈɡraʊndɪd) /

sensible and down-to-earth; having one’s feet on the ground

On the rare occasions when my brothers and I forgot to follow the family rules, we were officially GROUNDED! This childhood punishment meant no swimming, no putt-putt golf, and no playing with our friends on summer nights until the streetlights came on. We were confined to the house with one exception: the dreaded piano lessons were still mandatory!

During this pandemic season of uncertainty, I have again been grounded. This time I am willingly following all the rules to promote health and safety for myself and others. Isolation from family and friends has left me feeling socially distant and emotionally disconnected. Across the pond, the Brits describe this time as ‘imposed lockdown’!

The dictionary reminds us that the word grounded takes on broader meaning when used as an adjective.

A grounded person reacts calmly in a crisis, stays fully present in the moment, and understands the importance of ordinary things in life. S/he is stable, well balanced, firmly established, and connected to a secure core.

As a child and again as an adult, my first reaction to being grounded was restlessness. Then St. Augustine reminded me that “Our heart is restless until it finds its rest in Thee.”

Resting and nesting at home,