June 29 Inspiration

From the Desk of Pastor Kyle Doebler


As our thoughts turn towards Independence Day, I have been thinking about freedom. That’s what July 4th is all about. It’s a day that we celebrate all the aspirational virtues that stand at the core of what we stand for as a people: equality, justice, and of course, freedom.

And, of course, the Bible has lots to say about freedom. The people of Israel were freed from Egyptian slavery. The people of Israel were freed from Babylonian captivity. Followers of Jesus have been freed from the power of sin. All of these speak of freedom from something. I suspect that’s how we think about freedom, too. Free from tyranny. Free from oppressive colonial rule, and on and on…And yet there is more to the Bible’s understanding of freedom.

When the Bible talks about freedom, it usually talks about how those set free are now free for something. The people of Israel were liberated from slavery and now free to become God’s own people. Those in exile were freed from Babylon and freed for renewed faithfulness to God. And as Christ’s followers, we have been set free in order to live as Christ’s people in the world, filling the world with his blessing and grace.

Grace and peace,