Summer reading with a difference

Reading the Bible isn’t a “bucket list item”—something you do once and then check it off your list. For Christians, reading the Bible is one of the primary ways we hear God speaking to us and experience God shaping us into faithful disciples.

For the past year, Liberty has been reading through both the Old and New Testaments to learn the overarching story line of Scripture. But, our year long journey through the Bible’s big story has come to an end.

Continue to immerse yourself in the big story of the Bible!

So the question is: What should I read now?

We invite you to continue the practice of daily Bible reading you developed by participating in Long Story Short. Simply reading one chapter each day between now and September 2 means that you can read nearly 100 additional chapters of Scripture that were left out of the Long Story Short reading plan.

Liberty’s 2017-2018 All-Church Study and Sermon Series

This past year’s all-church study took a year-long look at the big story of the Bible, the grand narrative of Scripture—from beginning to end. Each week we preached on the unfolding drama of the Bible’s story. In addition, each week, we published a weekly reading plan and a brief study guide, and our weekly Bible study groups followed along with the sermon series. Use the buttons below to link to the sermons, study guides, as well as a list of recommended Bible translations.