May 2, 2019


How Do We Celebrate After Easter?

Now that the candy has been eaten, the hidden eggs have been discovered, and we have resumed our over-scheduled lives, how can we continue in celebration of Jesus Resurrected?

The Bible gives us that perfect example in Jesus reinstating Peter. John 21 reveals Jesus teaching Peter, the Rock of the Church, how to live in the Resurrection. Jesus commands Peter—and us—to love others and this is so important that He reiterates it three specific times. Jesus wants us to… Feed my sheep. Feed my sheep, Feed my sheep.

It’s not enough to simply show up for worship. It’s not enough to participate in the Lord’s Prayer or join in the praise and worship. It’s not enough to show up for Sunday School. Jesus commands us—You need to feed my sheep. Feeding His sheep is showing love. When we do this we are celebrating the Resurrection.

So how do you love sheep? How do you feed them with love? Paul spells it out beautifully in I Corinthians 13: Patience, Kindness. No arrogance. No rudeness. Humbleness. Rejoicing in what’s right. Sharing hope and truth. This is how you feed sheep.

Do you love me? Then among the sheep — do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God. I really, really, really mean it.

Imagine a world in which everyone experienced such a resurrection of spirit and purpose. You might call it, The Kingdom of God. Or perhaps, “living in the Resurrection!”