May 22 Inspiration

Remembering Memorial Day

From the Desk of Dawn Parr, Children’s Ministry Director

This weekend, we will celebrate Memorial Day. It is traditionally the kick-off to summer.  Many start celebrations with a parade, followed by family picnics, and a barbeque.

I can remember as a child heading to my grandmother’s house for Memorial weekend. There was always a large gathering, and we would play croquet near gram’s rose garden. She had quite the green thumb. Once when playing, I accidentally hit the ball too far and it landed right in the middle of her many roses!

Carefully, I stepped around the rows of fragrant blooms in search of the black ball which was difficult to find in the soil. The ball landed next to a beautiful burgundy rose bush with a plant stake. Written on it was: Memorial Day ’77-Frank.

Later in life I learned about the history of my grandfather.

He, originally from Italy, fought in WWII at the Battle of the Bulge. Proud to serve as an American, he returned home with a bullet lodged in his skull.  This was an injury he sustained from the lookout of his tank.  Frank Vecchio went home to Jesus in  January of 1977. He had lived with the bullet for the rest of his life, a reminder of his service to his country.

My faith journey began with my grandpa.

He loved the Lord in a quiet way, serving in church and keeping his family strong in faith.  He knew about freedom in Christ Jesus. We too can experience this same freedom when we ask to be set free. (So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free. ~John 8:36).

The burgundy rose bush continues to bloom each year.

The new owners of my grandparent’s house has kept it labeled as a tribute to all who serve. What a beautiful reminder of those who give so much and the One who gave everything for you and me.