May 23, 2019

Dear Friends:

“Our ‘safe place’ is not where we live, it is in whom we live.” (T. White)

I ran across this quote the other day and have been savoring it. Our safe place – our refuge – is not a physical place or even our outward circumstances, even though both feel like they define our lives. The reality of what is happening around us – at work, at home, in the daily news onslaught or even our physical bodies – feels like it creates a foundation that is either shaky or strong. But it is the Lord – the One in whom we “live and move and have our being” that is our safe place (Acts 17:28). The Lord is the one who is our center, our dwelling place – our “rock and refuge” as the Psalmist repeatedly cries.

When storms threaten us, and circumstances become too much, we can cling to Him in faith, thankful that our Rock is our unshakable refuge.

O safe to the Rock that is higher than I
My soul in its conflicts and sorrows would fly;
So sinful, so weary—Thine, thine would I be:
Thou blest “Rock of Ages,” I’m hiding in Thee.