May 25 Inspiration

From the Desk of Pastor Kyle Doebler


Each week, I have the privilege of arriving to PIN, our local food pantry, with a carload of food that our community has donated. So far, we have donated more than 800 lbs. of food! And I know that we will continue to love our neighbors well by continuing to help provide delicious nutritious food to our ministry partners. The sobering part is that all of this is even necessary in the first place. The amazing generosity on display in our community is shining forth because there is real need among us. With furloughs and layoffs, PIN is serving more people than ever before, and more and more families are wondering where their next meal will come from.  

So, what can you do to help? First, you can continue to drop off canned and shelf-stable food items in the wooden box outside the Barn Lower Level doors. I will be continuing to make food deliveries to PIN throughout the month of May. But canned food only goes so far… 

Enter our Mission Garden. Each year our mission garden raises nearly half a ton of fresh produce for PIN, which goes directly to our Delaware County neighbors. The Mission Garden is a great (and safe) way for the entire family to serve our community and make a difference in these difficult times. We would love to have you and your family serve with us. Just email me to join our team. 

Every time the news gets you down, remember that you can make a difference in our community. Together we can serve our neighbors and shine the light of the gospel just a little bit brighter.  

Grace and peace,