The Walk to Emmaus is a three-day retreat focused on Christian growth and spiritual renewal.  Through presentations by clergy & lay leaders and discussions with fellow retreaters, participants are provided an opportunity to encounter Jesus Christ in a new way and experience New Testament Christianity as a lifestyle.

2020 Walk to Emmaus retreats at Reynoldsburg United Methodist Church have been scheduled for:


  • For Men:
    March 12-15
    October 8-11
  • For Women:
    April 23-26
    July 23-26
    November 5-8

A Walk to Emmaus retreat costs $90.  (Liberty can provide scholarship aid up to $45.)

More than 54 Liberty members have participated in a Walk to Emmaus weekend (including all three pastors).  They would be glad to talk with you about how Emmaus has helped them as followers of Christ.

Whether you are still questioning your faith commitment or have been active in church for many years, the Walk to Emmaus offers you to the opportunity to deepen and strengthen your faith.

Make the time to take a Walk! Read the flyer or contact Pastor John for more information.