Children’s Sunday School at Liberty

Register now for the current Sunday School year. Contact Dawn Parr, Children’s Ministry Director.

By registering your child in our program you are agreeing to volunteer to teach or assist in a classroom.

What is Rotation Sunday School?

Children’s Ministry thrives when we have consistent volunteers who acquire personal relationships with the children. In a strong teaching environment, the volunteer develops a deep understanding of the content and the children gain confidence and comfort in knowing their volunteer leaders. It is a win-win, for the children become closer to one another, to their leader, and grow in faith. The teaching leader learns more about God, His word, and His love.

The Faith Journey Workshop Program (for Kindergarten through Fourth Grades) is looking for volunteers to sign up for a teaching set. What does this look like? One would teach for four Sundays within a month, with a three month off-period. The rotation consists of three teaching sets during the year. During your teaching set, you will be teaching the same lesson each time as the children rotate through the rooms during the month. 

For example, if you were to teach in August, you would return for the second set in January and your final set in April.  You can take on the entire set, or just one part of the set. You can also choose your time; 9:00 or 11:00, or both!

The lessons are easy to teach and each rotation set can be tailored to match your gifts. Do you like to play games? Volunteer in our games rotation. Are you crafty? Take a set in our crafts rotation. How about cooking? Yes, that is a rotation set, too.  There are five rotations to choose from: cooking, crafts, games, movies/drama, and computers.

How does one volunteer for this at Liberty?

Please prayerfully consider your role in Children’s Ministry.  God could you be calling you; are you willing to answer? Please contact Dawn Parr with your volunteer set today.