Mission Fund Application

Schedule for Application Submissions

Applications for Liberty and Supported Missions should be made to the Missions Pastor of the Liberty Presbyterian Church (addressed to the Missions Pastor either by e-mail or by hard copy through standard mail).

  • Deadlines for Mission Applications: September 1
  • Decisions will be communicated by February 1

Mail applications to:

Attention: Missions Pastor
Liberty Presbyterian Church
7080 Olentangy River Road
Delaware, OH 43015

or send by email to the Church Office.

Application Guidelines

Applicants shall submit a completed Mission Request Form, based upon the following guidelines and application requirements.

Applications are expected to provide suitability of their project addressing the following need for information:

  • Requests must fulfill goals proposed by the Mission Committee’s Mission Statement and Guiding Principles. (Please read the Mission Statement at the Missions link.)
  • Include a proposed budget for the ministry, including identifying other sources of funding.
  • Provide a brief description of the organization and relationship of the participants, if a group or organization in partnership makes the application.
  • A condition of support will be the submission of a follow-up report within six months. This report will review the effectiveness of the ministry.
  • Applicants should demonstrate history or stability of its ministry and/or project by its proper organization and responsible leadership for a respectable period of time.
  • Supporting materials may be submitted with the application.
  • A Mission Statement in the development of a proposal refers to the overall major goals of the organization. The examples are important, but a “guideline” should ask for a proposal mission statement.

Missions Categories

  • Partnership Missions – represent the highest level of financial and time commitment on behalf of Liberty Presbyterian Church. The partnership level denotes that Liberty’s congregation is actively involved with:
    • the mission of the partnership with an ongoing personal relationship;
    • Liberty makes substantial financial support at the partnership level.
  • Liberty Missions – are missions in which Liberty members are personally involved. These missions are supported financially and (preferably) offer hands-on involvement for other Liberty members.
  • Supported Missions – are projects/programs of individuals or organizations that are supported financially by Liberty for one to three years.

Who may apply?

  • The Mission Committee would like to encourage direct participation in mission by as many members in the church as possible.
  • Applications by both members and non-members may be considered. However, consideration priority and preference will be accorded to Liberty Church members.
  • It is accepted practice that Partnership Missions enjoy an on-going relationship with Liberty and that funding is continuous – with consultation. Members of Liberty and others seeking new partnership status are required to submit a full proposal in the cycle given below under (3,).
  • Liberty and Supported missions are required to propose or re-propose their projects at or before the termination of their projects.
  • Mission projects that do not exceed a request for more than $300.00 for one year are required to submit a “Letter Proposal” in accordance with the funding cycle and letter proposal guidelines.
  • Applications may be made by individuals or by groups. Groups making applications should submit as many names of group members as possible and specify whether or not each individual has received assistance from the Liberty Church Missions Committee previously.

Timetables and Submission Deadlines

Proposals for Liberty Mission and Supported Missions are due September 1. Notification of the award of funding will be given in early February.

  • Individual members of the Missions Committee may meet with applicants – where necessary and when possible – to review their proposal prior to the Mission Committee making its final decisions.
  • The Chair of the committee will inform the applicant(s) of its decision following the January meeting of the Session in early February.


  • It is not customary for the Mission Committee to supply 100% of need and would like to see other sources of funding.
  • Support approved for projects will be for a limited period of time and subject to renewal upon the submission of a final report and re-application.
  • Past support does not imply future funding. The number of viable worthy missions serving God and His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, is limitless; but the resources of Liberty are not.
  • If a mission trip or project is canceled after support has been granted, the awardees are asked to inform the Committee immediately so that the funds designated for their support can be reallocated to other worthy missions.

Duration of Support

Mission projects receive support for a period of six months to three years maximum. Mission projects are eligible for renewal on the basis of submission of a new proposal and a final report on the successes and/or shortcomings of the mission project.

The Letter Proposal

Proposals for short-term funding (six months or less that require $300.00 or less in support may be submitted for consideration and review during the regular proposal cycle. Letter proposals should not exceed two pages. (See guidelines)

The Full Proposal Application Narrative

Applications for funding over $300.00 and/or extending beyond one year in duration are required to provide a full proposal with narrative according to specified guidelines.

The Final Application Checklist

Applicants should make sure the following information is complete:

  • Mission Application Cover Sheet with a descriptive project title;
  • A Project Narrative;
  • A statement of goals and objectives;
  • A statement about how each objective is to be carried out (procedures);
  • A budget for the project (itemized);
  • A time-line including a statement of the duration of the project and dates for the completion of specific objectives;
  • A documentation of the expertise required to perform the mission and the qualifications of each member of the mission team;
  • Attachments should include documentation of other funding contributions to the mission – either cash or in-kind; as well as statements (letters) of support.

Note: Checklist items a) through g) should be in 12 point type serif typeface (Times New Roman), single spaced, consuming no more than seven (7) pages.

The Post Application Submission Interview

After a proposal has been submitted, the applicant may be contacted by a member of the Missions Committee (when possible) to discuss the proposal submission to cover areas where questions may arise.