November 14, 2019

“Do good, be rich in good works, be generous and ready to share….” ~1 Timothy 6:18

Dear Friends:
Our youngest child did a semester studying abroad in Italy (okay, studying may be a stretch). She traveled with friends on the weekends to all sorts of amazing places all over Europe. She took every train and flew every discount airline (which made my mother’s heart pound) and stayed in hostels that were an adventure in themselves. One was even called The Funny Farm. I guess for 20 bucks a night you can’t be picky! She kept a blog of all these adventures, full of stories from her travels and photographs of the highlights (Emily and friends in the tree that the Sound of Music children swung from…Emily and friends eating gelato…you get the idea!)

I still love reading the blog of her adventures, except for one thing: There is always a mom reference that is guilt- inducing. She’ll show a photo of everyone eating pizza and say, Yes, Mom, we are making sure to get protein, too. Or she’ll show the hostel and note: Yes Mom, we always lock the doors. Or: No, Mom, we don’t talk to strangers! There is barely an entry without my name on it – and not in a good way!

It is stewardship time at Liberty, and I realize that for some of us, that feels a bit guilt-inducing. Hearing about giving makes us all squirm a little…. Sex and politics are no longer verboten topics in everyday discourse, but how we give our money remains a private topic. And we think we know what everyone else is thinking about us! So, in the privacy of reading this Link here are two things to consider:

  1. Pray about your giving. It’s okay not to want to talk about it with others but do discuss it with God!
  2. Remember that as we talk about stewardship, we are always referring to both our treasure and our talents, to both how we give funds and how we give of our time.
    Please know that we are deeply appreciative of your gift of time. And the good news is that it doesn’t cost a thing!

Friends, stewardship is everything we give to the Lord – and that includes our time, our talents, and our money. Know that as you give in any way that you can, it will be a blessing not only to you, but to others.

Digging into Liberty with you,