November 28, 2019

Dear Friends:
On this Thanksgiving Day, I’d like to offer an alphabet of thanks…

A is for the Amazing Grace of our great God
B is the Buckeyes (What else could it be?!)
C is for Counting our blessings, great and small
D is for Deacons, who greet us every Sunday with a smile
E is for Elders who lead us with energy and grace
F is for fellowship around the table
G is for Gift – the gift of God’s only Son
H is for His Place, and sharing a warm meal
I is for Integrity, living as the persons we are called to be
J is for Jesus, who walks with us each day
K is for Kingdom – May God establish His here on earth
L is for Liberty and the Love that we find here
M is for Mary & Martha – who remind us to stop and listen to Jesus even in all our busyness
N is for Neighbor – the person we hope you’ll invite to worship
O is for the Open Arms church we partner with in El Olvido!
P is for Pickle Jar – making a difference to those in need
Q is for Quotidian* – the everyday moments for which we stop and give thanks
R is for Rotation Workshop – Our great Sunday children’s program
S is for Stephen Ministers – Ready to be a caring friend
T is for Thanksgiving – John & I give thanks for you each day
U is for that great promise: “Underneath are the everlasting arms” (Dt. 33:27)
V is for Vision to lead our church ever forward
W is for Wholehearted – giving 100% to the Lord
X is for Christ, the first Greek letter of His Name
Y is for the Youth that spill out of every corner of our building
Z is for zeal- Never be lacking in zeal says Paul! (Romans 12:11)

(* – Okay, you come up with a better Q word!)

This is my alphabet of thanks – you may want to write your own!

This Thanksgiving, John and I give thanks for each of you and the blessing that Liberty is in our lives. Traveling mercies on those who journey this holiday, and may we remember that Jesus joins us at every meal.