Special Projects

The RENEW initiative is Liberty’s financial plan for 2018 and 2019.  In addition to supporting Liberty’s ongoing missions and ministries, Renew includes several special projects that will renew Liberty’s ministry, including the following:

Installing new HVAC controls in the Barn. Completed

New computerized, programmable thermostats will be installed to vastly improve the heating/cooling regulation of the Barn and Carriage House.  The substantial energy cost savings will pay for this RENEW project within three years.

Redesigning and renovating the Old Hall.  In progess

Renaming it “Fearing Hall” after long-time Liberty member Doris Fearing, the Hall will be reconfigured and renovated to make it a premium adult meeting space for church and community meetings.

Reconfiguring our access to Home Road. 

Starting next summer, Delaware County is completely re-doing the intersection of Home Road and Rt. 315 — widening the bridge to four lanes, widening Home Road to five lanes (two in both directions and a left-hand turn lane onto 315 north) – and reducing Liberty from four access points to one onto Home Road.

We have hired a traffic engineer who has proposed a better way to utilize our access point and interior parking plan.

Other improvement projects.