It’s the season to Renew at Liberty!

  • At all times, we are called to renew our spiritual commitment to God as disciples of Jesus Christ.
  • At all times, God’s Spirit is renewing this church He loves so much.
  • At all times, God calls us to renew our commitment to His mission in our church, in Delaware County, and throughout the world.
God has been so faithful to Liberty throughout our 207-year history.

And God is very much at work at Liberty right now.

He is calling us to follow Him into Liberty’s exciting future:

  • proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ near & far.
  • sharing Christ’s love tangibly, in mission and service.
  • investing in the gift of our children and youth.
  • embracing the ever-growing population in southern Delaware County.

God is leading us to do all these things – and more – with the commitment, excellence and generosity that has always characterized Liberty.

This RENEW initiative is an opportunity for you to renew your commitment to God’s work in and through Liberty Church.

RENEW is more than a stewardship campaign.

RENEW is a stewardship campaign. Unlike in the past, this November we will ask you to make a two-year pledge to support Liberty’s operating fund for both 2018 and 2019. 

In addition to supporting the 2018-2019 Operating Fund, your two-year pledge will include supporting the completion of $1.9 million in much-needed capital improvements, including re-siding the Barn (see more on Special Projects). In addition to improving our campus, 10% of funds raised for capital projects will directly support two local missions, over and above our regular 10% commitment to missions.

RENEW is more than a stewardship campaign combined with a capital campaign.

RENEW is a spiritual campaign.

  • More than raising fund levels, RENEW aims to raise our faith levels.
  • More than asking us to stretch financially, RENEW intends us to cultivate a generous lifestyle within us.
  • More than renovating our campus, RENEW seeks to renew our commitment to God.

The pastors and the Session invite you to join this season of renewal at Liberty, committing yourself to:

  • Renew our faith
  • Renew our church
  • Renew our mission

And to Renew ourselves in the joy of the Lord.

Please join us on the RENEW adventure!

Renew is OneFund

You may have been part of church campaigns in the past in which you were asked to give a second gift over and above your usual contributions to make special projects (such as a new building) possible.  There was an “Operating Fund” for the church’s ongoing work, and a separate “Capital Campaign Fund” for capital projects.  This approach required some people to choose which fund they would support.

RENEW provides a simpler way.   In 2018-2019, everything we give at Liberty will be part of “OneFund”.  The RENEW campaign will last for two years (2018-2019) as we work together to fund Liberty’s mission, ministries, and special projects.  Throughout 2018-2019, every gift that is given to Liberty Church will go into “OneFund”.