RENEW Wrap-Up Report

From: Elder Kevin Futryk, Director of RENEW Campaign

February 23, 2020

A little over two years ago, I addressed the congregation about RENEW, a new Stewardship campaign that Liberty members were being asked to join and support. The purpose of this campaign was to meet two needs of our church:

  1. Support for our 2018 & 2019 operating budgets; and
  2. Address a number of pressing maintenance needs at our beautiful campus.

Rather than pursuing two separate campaigns (i.e., a traditional stewardship, or operating, campaign as well as a separate capital campaign), Session decided to offer to the congregation a One Fund concept over the next two years.

Our “ask” for this campaign was fairly substantial, but we had a number of important capital projects that needed to be addressed. In total we were seeking to raise $1.9 million for capital projects, and $2.5 million for 2018 & 2019 operating budgets. All monies received, both pledged and loose offerings during 2018 & 2019, would be dedicated to RENEW and fund the operating and capital expenses of our church.

While we did not meet our ultimate goal of raising $4.4 million dollars, we were able to raise $3.885 million dollars through the generosity of each of you—which fully funded our 2018 & 2019 operating budgets and enabled us to address most of our most pressing capital needs.

In summation, we want to thank all of Liberty’s members and friends for their generosity, prayer, and commitment to this campaign. During our launch of RENEW, we compared this campaign to taking care of your family and your home. RENEW was about making sure we were paying our bills, maintaining our church home, and in the process, taking care of our church family. We believe RENEW has preserved our beautiful Sanctuary & Carriage House by replacing the failing barn siding; added much-needed meeting space with the renovation of Fearing Hall; supported our popular Youth Program with a new, safe, efficient, and more usable space; and made improvements to save money in the future through energy efficient lighting and HVAC controls. By your generosity and support with paying forward, we made sure Liberty is a gathering place now and for future generations to serve our God, our community, and ourselves, just as generations of Liberty members have done before us for 210 years along the Olentangy River.

Note: The $107,860 set aside for the Home Road project will be spent when the time comes for Liberty Church to tie into the new Home Road / Rt. 315 intersection.

Redesigning and renovating Fearing Hall.

Renamed in honor of long-time Liberty member Doris Fearing, the Hall has been reconfigured and renovated to make it a premium adult meeting space for church and community meetings.

Reconfiguring our access to Home Road.

Delaware County is currently completely re-doing the intersection of Home Road and Rt. 315:

  • widening the bridge to four lanes
  • widening Home Road to five lanes (two in both directions and a left-hand turn lane onto Rt. 315 north)
  • reducing Liberty to two access points onto Home Road (from the current four access points)

The illustration shows the new configuration:

  • two three-lane access points from Home Road (one entrance lane plus a right-hand-turn and left-hand-turn exit lane)
  • reconfigured traffic flow in and out of the lower parking lot (using a portion of the current Home Road)
  • expanding the connector between the lower parking lot and the back (north) parking lot to accommodate two-way traffic
  • paving the current dirt road on the north end of our property to an exit-only, right-hand-turn only exit onto St. 315 south).