Questions You May Have

How is the RENEW One Fund different from previous stewardship campaigns or capital campaigns?

When we have needed to fund major capital projects in the past, we held a second, separate campaign to gain support for a multi-year Capital Campaign (“Forward in Faith”, in 2008-2011, for example) in addition to the regular fall stewardship drive for the annual Operating Fund. While this approach has its strengths, it also posed a dilemma: “Which fund should I support?”

Renew offers a simpler way. For the next two years, everything we give at Liberty will be part of One Fund. We are asking you to pledge your financial support over a two-year period (2018-2019) to fund:

  • The 2018 Operating Fund
  • The 2019 Operating Fund
  • Much needed capital projects

Throughout 2018-2019, every gift that is given to Liberty Church will go into One Fund. This will not only simplify Liberty’s stewardship, it will allow for better financial planning by the Session.

How long is my RENEW commitment?

We ask that everyone make a two-year giving commitment—from January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2019.

What specifically are you asking me to do?

We are asking you to make a faith-filled commitment to generosity—whatever it is that God leads you to do. If you follow God’s leading, we’ll trust God for the results.

What happens if we don’t reach our goal?

If we don’t reach 100% of our goal, Session will prioritize projects so that the Renew campaign will have the largest impact on our life and mission.

Are there additional ways besides cash that I can give more to the RENEW campaign?

Be creative as you explore ways you can give toward RENEW.

You might have stocks, property or other items of that nature. Or God might be calling you to give out of stored resources he has blessed you with in the past. If you’d like to make a stored asset gift, contact our Financial Administrator, Dana Meeker.

However you decide to participate, THANK YOU for being part of the work God is doing at Liberty!