Unusual Labor Day

From the Desk of Dawn Parr, Children’s Ministry Director

On Monday, September 7, we will be celebrating Labor Day. Unofficially, it is known as the end of summer. Family barbecues, picnics, and vacations are usually part of the three-day weekend.

For me, one particular Labor Day is remembered in a unique way.

Twenty-seven years ago, on Labor Day, my oldest son, Brandon, was born. The local news station thought it would be clever to ‘interview’ new moms who were in labor on Labor Day. Brandon was born at 1:20 in the afternoon, and by 3:00 p.m., a reporter was stalking the new mother wards. Unbeknownst to me, my husband thought it would be a fantastic idea for us to be interviewed. Here I was, a new mother, cradling my precious baby, when the door opened to my room. A reporter in full makeup with a camera crew filed in, taking up most of the space.

I was interviewed and they broadcast it on the 6:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. news. That was a Labor Day I had not anticipated—and I will not soon forget. At the time, I was horrified to be on the news and angry at my husband for allowing them into the room. Today, I am thankful I have this happy memory recorded for Brandon and his family to enjoy for years to come.

This year, and this summer, will not be easy to forget either.

Labor Day for most will not be the norm of family gatherings, picnics, or barbecues with friends. Many family vacations have become ‘staycations’ and life as we know it is strange. In times of unexpected change, it is hard to remember to put your trust in God. Proverbs 3:5-6 states, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight.”

This pandemic season will pass and we will be able to celebrate again. We certainly did not anticipate our lives changing as they have. So, let me ask you, have you been able to reflect on the events of the summer and record memories for your future? Can you take this holiday to reminisce on the ways you were blessed during this unexpected time?

God reassures us that He is in every circumstance of our lives.

We are to trust His provision for our lives. Whether it is an unexpected news interview, or strange circumstances in living, let us trust the One who knows our every need.