September 19, 2019


Dear Friends:

This past weekend, I was serving with 12 other Liberty members with CrossRoads Missions in Louisville, Kentucky. One of the things I like most about serving—particularly as a church—is that it gives me new perspective on how other people are seeking to live out their faith in their own communities. An effective way of sharing the good news of Jesus in Delaware doesn’t always work elsewhere. Serving others, knowing their challenges and how they sought to overcome them, seeing their resilience in action inspires me to come home and face my own challenges head on.

One church we served, Portland Avenue Presbyterian Church, had one of these inspirational stories. An historic church in a declining neighborhood, it had been scheduled for closure more than 20 years ago. But God had other plans. A new pastor came along and brought with her new ideas. Their historic church building burned to the ground ten years ago last winter. But God had other plans. With the help of other churches in the area, they bought the abandoned storefront next door, converted it into a church, and added space for other ministries, too. It’s stories like these that confirm for me that God is bound and determined to set the Gospel loose in our world.

So often, I find that serving others—holding out the hope of Jesus for others—leads to a fresh injection of hope in my own life. If you’re looking for a place to serve, I invite you to find a member of our mission committee and ask about how you can serve others as part of the Liberty family. I promise you’ll do more than serve others, you will find your own faith strengthened, too.

Grace and peace,