1. Individuals

    Please take the time to pray for our neighbors both near and far, especially those who are most vulnerable, including the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions. Please also hold in prayer our medical personnel and our local, state and nation’s leaders.

    Please feel free to walk our Labyrinth with its central message “Be Still and Know That I am God,” and to walk our Pathway to the Son. The flowers are out and it is a calming practice! For more meditative walk ideas, click to see our brochure.

    Also, please join our Bible Study postings!

  2. Group leaders

    Reach out to your groups, offering prayers and support to those who are sick and those caring for others. Consider meeting virtually or starting an email chain of prayers and support. We will have daily inspiration on our church website – help others find this resource!

  3. Our Community

    We have an opportunity to BE THE CHURCH for our neighbors in ways that our area really needs, from getting groceries to picking up prescriptions to a friendly phone call or facetime. Think of ways we can put other’s needs before our own. Be creative & share your ideas with us!

Help us to move from

Fear to Faith,

Panic to Prayer,

Hoarding to Helping.

God is good and we are in His sure grip.

“Pray without ceasing”

(I Thessalonians 5:17)