Paul writes in his letter to the church in Thessalonica:

“Be joyful always; pray continually; and give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” (Thessalonians 5:16-18, NIV)

Paul is reminding the members of that church (and ours) that because we have been loved, uplifted, embraced, and given eternal life through the life, ministry, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus; that we live joyful prayerful lives of thanksgiving that will bring glory and honor to God for all God has done for us.

Your Stewardship Committee asks that every member take time to recognize and give thanks for all God has done in your lives. What are you thankful for? What joy does being a member of this church family bring you? And how do we respond to this joy and our many blessings?

Liberty is a family, a community that expresses her thankfulness and joy in many different ways.

We give back financially. Liberty commits 10% of her annual budget to giving back. We support many different ministries with our resources.

We share our time. Many members of Liberty serve the community in many different ways, giving of ourselves and of our precious time.

We share our joy in Worship. Worship at Liberty centers on God’s love for each of us and we joyfully celebrate this love in our time of worship each Sunday and during special worship services and fellowship gatherings during the year.

We give thanks by caring for each other. Because we are loved and cared for by our Heavenly Father, we take seriously our call to nurture and care for, not only our church family, but we reach out into our community sharing this love as well.

We give thanks for our differences. When we gather, it is a true picture of how all can worship together regardless of any human categories we use to define people. We offer programs for all ages from small children to our senior members.

The Stewardship Committee invites you to join us in “Giving Thanks”
our annual stewardship campaign.

The Liberty Stewardship Committee asks you to prayerfully consider your role as a part of our thankful church family. As we each pray about and move toward making our financial commitments to God’s work in and through our church, the committee calls everyone who views Liberty as their church home to join us in “Giving Thanks.” Let each of us contribute according to what God has given us, with generous hearts and loving commitment, to what God is doing through our church. Join us on this journey of thankfulness.

With Gratitude and in love,
The Finance/Stewardship Committee
Mark Davis
Todd Koehn
Karen Louge


  • We believe that we worship God in all that we do, including the way we handle our money.
  • We believe that God has been amazingly generous to us — when we are generous with our money, we are swimming right in the middle of the stream of God’s grace.
  • We believe in “carrying our blessings lightly”, that God blesses us so that we can bless others through our giving.
  • We believe in giving proportionately, with the goal of giving 10% to gospel-supporting causes.
  • We believe that supporting Liberty Church financially is a sound investment, because “lives are being changed at Liberty”.
  • We believe that we cannot out-give God.
  • We believe the fundamental shape of the Christian life is thankfulness.
  • We believe “it is more blessed to give than to receive”.
  • We believe our largest annual contribution should be to our local church.
  • We believe in “disciplined generosity”, that our giving should be determined prayerfully, purposefully and in advance.
  • We are challenged by how often Jesus pointed to financial stewardship as a measure of our spiritual commitment.
  • It is a joyful challenge for our giving to keep pace with the work of God’s Spirit in and through Liberty Church.
  • The Session is committed to financial transparency, specifically through making available to all members a monthly summary of income and expenditures.
It seems that God set His GPS for us to join the Liberty in 1981 when we were new arrivals in Delaware County and parents of two young daughters. Once we moved in, our neighbors told us about the little white church at the corner of Home Road and SR 315:

“It’s a come as you are church.”
“The Spirit is alive at Liberty.”
“The people are so friendly.”
“There is a wonderful pianist.”
“You won’t want to sleep during the sermons.”
“Children are loved at Liberty.”
We heard the old church bell ring across the valley on Sunday mornings. Finally, we couldn’t resist giving Liberty a try.

Amazingly, we found that all we heard about Liberty Church was true when we first attended the church

…and it is still true today!
God has been so good to us through Liberty Church, giving us and our children a place to make best friends; a place to worship Him with both laughter and tears; a place to have our hearts filled when we are saddened and to be reminded that we are loved; a place where others recognize that we have talents to share; a place where we journey with other believers seeking to recognize the wonder of God’s grace in our daily lives and to serve others as He has served us.

Not long ago, we sat behind a young family much like ours was more than 30 years ago. It was great to meet them and to envision the future for them at Liberty Church.

We support God’s work at Liberty with our time, talents and finances.
We know that providing pastors & staff, ministries for children, youth & adults, music, missions and care for our lovely buildings & grounds requires our financial support as well as our prayers. We gladly support Liberty because we know how wonderfully faithful God has been to us here.