September 5, 2019


Dear Friends:

On September 24, 2017, the congregation elected the Associate Pastor Nominating Committee (APNC), charged with finding a successor to Todd Tracy in our Youth position. We agreed from the start to search both for ordained pastors focused in youth ministry as well as non-ordained youth directors.

We advertised the job opportunity widely:

  • At five Presbyterian seminaries (Princeton, Pittsburgh, Louisville, Chicago & Dubuque) and at three other seminaries
    (Fuller Seminary, plus the Methodist and Lutheran seminaries in Columbus).
  • At 20 Christian colleges in the Midwest which offer majors in ministry.
  • On five youth ministry job-sites, as well as on
  • Becky, John, and Kyle reached out to their contacts to identify possible candidates.
  • John & Becky conducted interviews at Princeton Seminary.

Here was our process:

  • Since January 2018, the APNC received 176 résumés.
  • If a résumé showed promise, we asked applicants to submit answers to six supplemental questions.
    (27 applicants were sent these questions)
  • If the APNC continued to be interested, a 45-minute interview was scheduled.
    (11 candidates were interviewed)
  • If the candidate was still viable, reference checks were made (for four candidates).
  • Finally, our top-ranked candidates were invited to spend a weekend in Columbus for further interviews.
  • Throughout this process while the APNC was evaluating candidates, candidates were also evaluating the available position at Liberty – and specifically if they truly wanted a youth position.

After 20 months of searching:

The Associate Pastor Nominating Committee enthusiastically recommends that the Session hire Tanya Karn, Liberty’s interim Director of Youth & Family Ministries, to become our Director of Youth & Family Ministries.

Tanya has been involved with Liberty’s youth ministry since 2015 as a youth assistant, and as interim Director since 2017 (her husband of three years, R.H., has been a youth assistant at Liberty since 2010). Tanya has a real and contagious Christian faith and has done a strong job leading our youth over the past two years. We believe she will continue to provide very positive and faithful leadership in the coming years.

We thank the congregation for the opportunity to serve in this important role.

Brenda Lucas, Chair
Brad Carleton  
Anna Gardner 
Angie Hurd 
Mike Kivett
Tracey Scott
Pastor John Hart

Youth Digest – 09.03.19


Dear Friends:

It is the great privilege of our Youth Search Committee and staff to announce that Tanya Karn has been hired as our Director of Youth!  After an extensive search of colleges, seminaries and more, it became clear that Tanya had just the qualifications we were seeking for our youth ministry:
A real & contagious faith
A deep commitment to our youth
A hunger to create engaging youth programs and mission opportunities

We are delighted to take the “interim” tag off of Tanya’s title and welcome her fully into the ministry of Liberty. Please share your excitement with her, and also take a moment to connect with our great youth team:  R.H. Karn, Bekah Hiltz, Shelby Louge and Sandy Scherer.

Becky & John