May 9, 2019

For You, Lord, are good …and abundant in loving kindness to all who call upon You.
~Psalm 86:5

Dear Friends:
It is almost Mother’s Day, and we are being bombarded with ads for flowers, all kinds toiletries (I have a closet full!) and even jewelry! I have to admit, however, that what I loved the most at Mother’s Day was not the gifts. What I loved were those cards my children made when they were small. You know the ones – the kind that they made themselves, drawing a picture of the family or some big hearts, and then covering it all in glue and glitter. I also loved the breakfast-in-bed attempts, and the extra hugs and sticky kisses.

There are so many seasons to parenting – from rocking a newborn to chasing after little chubby toddler legs to those amazing car conversations with the teenager who only shares certain things when you are on the road!

What I’ve been thinking about lately is how God is with us through all those seasons. Sometimes being a Mom can be a lonely business. We feel like we should have all the answers, or the perfect child, or even the perfect family (just see Facebook!) But the Lord walks with us through it all – the good times and the bad, the joyous celebrations and the sleepless nights. He isn’t the one expecting perfection – He is the one covering us with His tender mercies and calling us His beloved. As Augustine said: “God loves each of us as if there were only one of us.”

So, I hope this Sunday brings joy or joyful memories for each of you.  But above all gifts, I hope you know just how treasured you and yours are by our Lord.

In His abounding love,