Youth Digest – 08.20.19

We had two absolutely wonderful interns this summer! This summer was probably one of the most unique summer internships there will ever be, as R. H. and myself were not around much and they were given more responsibilities and duties than we originally intended. These two were so willing and quick to pick up the task ahead of them and run with it. One particular intern caught the attention of a lot of parents and church leaders because of her sheer eagerness to build relationships with our youth, lead them in Bible studies, and help however possible. For all these reasons, we knew we needed to keep her around and let her use these amazing gifts in our youth ministries. Therefore, I am very pleased to share with you all that Shelby Louge will be joining our team as a youth assistant! Next time you see her, let her know how excited you are to have her on our team and keep her in your prayers as she starts her second year at OSU, today.

A word from Shelby:
“I have been a part of the youth group since sixth grade and I cannot explain how grateful I am for the friendships and experiences I have gained. In this group, I found my relationship with God and I was able to strengthen that relationship through Bible studies, mission work, and friendships rooted in faith. Through all of this, I relied on the love and guidance from the youth leaders. I found role models I could look up to and seek advice from. Because of this, I am so excited to be a youth assistant. I am so excited to continue to be a part of the youth group and I pray that I will be the role model and friend that so many youth leaders were to me.”


Tanya Karn