Meet our Elders!

The Presbyterian Church (USA) is a Reformed Christian denomination which draws its name from the Greek word for Elder (presbyteros).

Presbyterian congregations are governed by Sessions, which are made up of elected elders and the ministers of the particular church. Liberty’s Elders prayerfully exercise leadership and government for the life of our church, working together to bring vital worship, learning, fellowship, and service to every Liberty member. Every year, we elect Liberty members to serve as Deacons of our church, in a ministry of “sympathy, witness and service.”

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Front row (l to r): Jo Phelps, Angie Campbell, Doug Kaltenmark, Ryan Johnson, Becky Hart, Suzanne Accetta, Michelle Wilson, Lynne Benoit
Back row (l to r): Wade Lucas, Donna Schomer, Jonathan Dove, John Hart, John Truitt, Bev Graves, Marty Johnson, Phil Ranck, David Mankin, Tom Johnson, Steve Johnston
Not pictured: Jen Dally, Karen Louge, Barb Lyon, Kristopher Steele

Meet our Deacons!

Our Deacons also serve as our Flock Leaders, each in contact with a group of members from our church, providing a church link for every member of Liberty.

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