Want to join Liberty?

When you become a member of Liberty Presbyterian Church, you join a family.

New Member Classes, which happen three times per year, are designed to help you get to know your new family by getting to know the Church and your fellow class participants, and share your journeys of faith together. After all, Jesus is at the heart of our family at Liberty.

To sign up to take part in one of our upcoming New Member Classes, please contact the Church Office.

Membership – Where do I belong?

Membership is a funny thing.  Sometimes you pay for it – like club dues at the golf course or monthly fees at the gym.  Sometimes you earn it – like the grades that get you into an honors program or the new scientific discovery that gets you a prize.  And sometimes it’s nothing more than a gracious gift from a friend or stranger – like the secret password  that lets you into your neighbor’s tree house.  Membership looks very different in many situations, but at the heart of it all is belonging.

Liberty is a place of belonging for many people.  Some of those people have become members through the formal membership process, some have not.  If you’re in the latter camp, we invite you to  consider participating in one of the upcoming classes. You can contact the Church Office for more information or to sign up for a class.

But, membership is about more than just a class.  True, these classes are geared towards helping people learn about Liberty, talk about their faith journey and feel like they  belong.  But what happens after that?  What are the next steps to truly feeling like you belong at Liberty?  Well, that’s part of where our Elders and pastors come in, particularly those who oversee our Membership Committee. We’re going to be putting some special effort into helping people truly feel like they belong.

So, if you’d like some assistance, please contact us. And if you feel the need to help others feel like they belong here at Liberty too, we’d love to have you partner with us in our Membership ministry. Please contact Elder Rick Hoover or Pastor Kyle.