Youth Digest – 01.21.20

It is a wonderful thing to sit in the pews and watch children get baptized on Sunday mornings. This has always been a refreshing and renewing experience for me, and I especially love the congregation’s response to assisting the family in rearing the child, as part of a larger family of Christ.

This past Sunday was one more big step in a series of big steps that have been continually happening since Harvey was born 11 weeks early last May. Harvey was baptized last Sunday and it was both a joy and an honor to stand on the stage as Pastor Becky perform the baptism and as Pastor John walked Harvey through the pews. And instead of answering just one question with the rest of the congregation, I was privileged to answer all four questions this time as I stood on stage holding our precious baby boy.

I was reminded of our confirmation retreat when we talked about the sacrament of baptism, and of something that we readout of the Presbyterian book of order. “God’s faithfulness needs no renewal. Human faithfulness to God needs repeated renewal.” Well, it’s not scripture, but it has stayed with me just the same. God’s dedication to his children needs no renewal, but our dedication to God needs continuous renewal. Join me this week in thanking God for never giving up on us, even when we continuously fall short and seek to renew ourselves through His love, grace, and forgiveness.


R. H. Karn